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Carpet Cleaning - Flexible Rates, Free Vacuuming

Book carpet cleaning from $29 per room*

*Minimums of $89 apply. The deal is valid for rooms of up to 12 square meters

With Paul’s Carpet Cleaning in Sydney you get:

  • Customer care service 24/7 – call us at any time!
  • Flexible price-rates and booking options – your comfort is guaranteed!
  • The next generation of carpet cleaning technology – expect the best results in no time!
  • Eco-friendly approach – 100% green carpet cleaning methods!
  • Service by certified experts – our knowledge and expertise are matchless!
  • The best cleaning procedures – we will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery!

Paul’s carpet cleaning services in Sydney is your one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs! We started off with a speciality in carpets and rugs, delivering a high standard of clean using advanced cleaning technology. Since then we’ve grown though, and now we take care of virtually any and all soft furnishings around the home.

Other services provided by Paul’s Carpet Cleaning: upholstery, curtain, rug, leather, mattress and end of lease cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners SydneyIt’s our combination of professional cleaning power and rock bottom rates that has made us a popular carpet cleaning choice in the Sydney region. We’re always looking to take it one step further though! Our carpet cleaners, armed with top of the range detergents and cleaning gear, can take care of homes, offices and commercial properties alike. Moving house? We’ll even provide a first-class end of lease cleaning, to help you on your way!



Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Olivia Begum

The carpet treatment I received from Paul's Carpet Cleaning was good, but what I loved the most was their professional attitude - they came uniformed and worked outside of business hours, which...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Christopher Wills

Good service at an even better price! There were no hidden charges. I paid exactly what I was quoted and it was well worth it as I can't perform steam cleaning on my carpets, obviously..
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Otis E.

Paul’s Carpet Cleaning saved me a lot from buying a new carpet. I was utterly embarrassed by the one I had and I thought I’d needed to throw it away - turned out a good cleaning made it look...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Vala and Andy Graham

Our cat ‘tossed her cookies’ on the carpet and although it has happened before, this, particular stain didn’t come off, until you came along! Thanks for the brilliant service!
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Harry Lewis

Our puppy isn't house trained yet and I decided to call your guys to help us with the carpet stains and nasty odour.We were thrilled by the service and the quality of the cleaning. I have the...
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Why Choose Our Cleaning Services

We offer bargain prices on a range of expert services but that’s not the only reason our customers keep coming back to us, time and time again.

  • We offer free vacuuming before cleaning to ensure better results;
  • Our carpet cleaning procedure leaves no soap residue;
  • There is no wet smell – our professional equipment extracts all moisture from your carpets, rugs and upholstery;

Our dedication to delivering only the very highest standards of customer service has earned us a great reputation – as you can see from the testimonials over on our reviews page!

Do you know how to pick the right carpet for your home? Read more here and see how carpets are being graded and classified.

The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning

There is a wide variety of floor coverings – each model with its own specific properties. In other words, to ensure the longevity of your carpets you have to find the appropriate cleaning method – a procedure to effectively rid them of any unsanitary agents but at the same time preserve the integrity of the weave.

Paul’s carpet cleaners in Sydney are certified specialists with many years of infield experience. First, they will carefully examine your floor coverings – a fibre test will determine what cleaning procedure should take place. Then, they will submit your carpeting to standard vacuum cleaning and pre-treat areas affected by stubborn stains. Finally, our experts will remove any residing filth from your items with the method of:

  • Carpet Cleaning using Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Method – Floor coverings made of natural fibres (such as cotton and wool) are best cleaned with a pressurised stream of hot water mixed with cleaning solution. We utilise high-end equipment to inject the mixture deep between the item’s fibres, and extract it back with a suction tool simultaneously. As a result, your carpet turns pristine immediately, and is left in a near-dry state. Perfect execution. However, that’s not the case when it comes to articles of carpeting made of synthetic fibres. Thus, another popular cleaning method comes in handy.
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning – Be it sisal or sea-grass, it’s best you keep such item away from high temperatures and moisture. However, we can just as easily remove filth and odour from it. Our carpet cleaners will spread a non-toxic cleaning solution in the form of powder all over your carpet, and get deep between the fibres with fine brushes. At the end, our carpet cleaning experts will remove the cleaning powder (along with any grime and stale smell) with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Properly maintained carpets could reduce dust in the air. Visit the site of Carpet Institute of Australia and read more.