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Paul's Rug Cleaning in Sydney - Professional approach, excellent results!

Need help from professional rug cleaners in Sydney? As a high-end carpet cleaning company, we can help you keep your precious rugs in top shape. Take advantage of Paul’s services and rid your items of stubborn stains, accumulated grime, and unpleasant odours. Our rug cleaners have the professional approach and necessary experience to restore the beauty and freshness of any textile floor covering.



Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Mrs. Simpson

My husband and I bought an oriental rug during our last visit to Dubai. It is a small area rug that looks beautifully under our coffee table. I was warned that if I don't wash it carefully the...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Michael Morozov

We have a very expensive rug we purchased on our last trip to Dubai. We trust you guys with cleaning it, because your cleaners know their business.
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Annie Florence

I have a braided rug at home I actually made myself! I made it from scrap fabrics and I spent 2 months doing it. I can never imagine myself throwing it in the washer or attempting to clean it...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Tim T.

Amazing results. I was warned over the phone that the stain on my rug may not come out, because of previous treatment, but it did come out perfectly! The guys you sent me worked tirelessly and...
Paul's Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Matthew Barnes

Thanks! My wife and I are happy with our rug cleaning service. We’ll use you again! Thanks!  My wife and I are happy with our rug cleaning service. We’ll use you again!
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Our Sydney Rug Cleaning Service Comes With Many Extra Benefits!

  • 24-hour customer care service
  • Instant free quote when you call
  • Flexible booking options
  • Competitive rates
  • Eco-friendly rug cleaning methods
  • Modern equipment
  • Professional rug cleaners in Sydney
  • Special discount options
  • Commercial carpet and rug cleaning is now also available

Our rug cleaning in Sydney is a great way for you to eliminate one of the most annoying household chores from your to-do list. You can engage in more enjoyable activities while our professional rug cleaners treat your pieces. We use time-tested methods and top-of-the-range professional equipment to bring you excellent results in no time. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear as our services will effectively prolong the life of every rug you own.

Our Professional Rug Cleaners in Sydney Can Clean ANY Type of Carpeting!

Paul's Rug Cleaning

There are many types of textile floor coverings available on the market. And rest assured we know how to clean them all to perfection, regardless of what fibre they’re made of. For easy reference, here are some examples of rugs we can make look like brand new: Navajo, Tibetan, Caucasian, Shiraz, Kashmir, Afghan, Turkmen, Braided, Saruouk, Kilim, Kurdish, Pakistani, and pretty much anything oriental.

Why Choose Paul’s Professional Rug Cleaning in Sydney?

With over a decade of industry experience, our professional rug cleaners have refined their skills to a higher degree. They are familiar with all brands of carpets and rugs available in the country and know what would be the appropriate cleaning procedure for your items. When our technicians arrive at your home or commercial setting, they will carefully examine your articles of carpeting and determine what method to apply. In other words, this service is 100% risk-free for your items – there is absolutely no chance of shrinkage or discolouration for your belongings.

Our advanced rug cleaning methods include hot water extraction as well as dry cleaning. Any of these procedures will leave your rugs in a pristine condition. In addition, we can also help you with other services such as commercial carpet cleaning, leather cleaning or vacate cleaning.